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World-class Technology and Reliability engineering

30+ years of experience with: Electromechanics R&D, Device Concepting, Manufacturing-Technologies, Reliability optimisation.

Experience gained over 3 decades from engineering activities in several companies ranging from small start-ups to dominant world-wide market leaders:

Do you develop and design Electronics hardware?


  • Are you struggling with:

    Device Reliability?

    EMS/PCB Supplier quality?

    Space for the electronics?

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  • Are you looking for   Expert support to ElectroMechanics Hardware creation:

    PCB/Flex/IMS/Thickfilm technologies?

    SMT component package types?



  • Do you wish:

    Better field reliability?

    Design for Lowest TOTAL Cost?

    Optimised DfM, DfBA, DfR?

    Smaller, thinner and lighter products?

    Sparring to concepting of new devices?

    Support to planning of HW Technology Roadmaps?

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    E-Consult International will be happy to support your company with

    Consultancy services

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