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    - has several years experience in Electronic R&D, Device Concepting, Miniaturisation, Modularisation, Reliability Engineering and Manufacturing.

    - has extensive experience with pro-active acting in the often neglected “knowledge-and- information-gap” between Electronic and Mechanic Hardware device designers, manufacturing-, quality-, sourcing-, and marketing-staff.

    - facilitates total-cost wise more profitable and manufacturable products with improved HW reliability.

    - has a holistic view on the total product cradle-to-grave life cycle process.

    - has many years experience in international and cross-cultural cooperation on technical and managerial issues.

    - has experience from numerous business trips in Asia, Europe and USA. Home base is Denmark but have been working several month in China (Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai).

    - is an extrovert and clear communicator with excellent presentation skills.

    - obtained Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in 2003 and OEM LEAN101 certification in 2012.

    - B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Electromechanics. Danmarks Ingeniør Akademi (DIA-EM) 1980.

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  • About E-Consult

    E-Consult International is a VAT registered Consultancy company situated in Denmark, but operating worldwide.

    Claus Würtz Nielsen is owner of E-Consult International and Senior Technology and Reliability Expert, Electromechanics.